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Angell's Delicatessen and Party Service
Drink Coca-Cola. Ice Cold. Big 12 oz. King Size.

Courtesy of ndblue123, all rights reserved
Collection: Downtown, USA
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado,
Time Period: 1950's
Type style: sans serif and script
Materials and methods: ghost sign, painted and other: brick
Purpose: advertisement and identification

Addtional Information: This coca-cola sign was for the new, 12 oz., king-sized bottle. The sign was painted by Don Brown in 1958. The cost of the sign back then was 50-60 cents per square foot. That would be about $400 for a 3-5 days worth of work. Today the cost would be $5 to 6 per square foot, plus labor. That comes out to be around $2,000-3,000. This sign was considered a privilage sign where Coca-Cola paid Angellâs Delicatessen to have the sign on the building. They could have paid them in cash or also used a trade off for placing their sign above theirs.

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